Intercultural English Services, Inc

Kathy Ellis, Founder

Enhancing global communication through Intercultural Competency and English as a Second Language

     Intercultural English Services, Inc. was created in 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The founder, Kathy Ellis, has worked as an educator in international environments throughout her career life of over 35 years.

Kathy has served as a director of ESL programs, an ESL instructor, trainer, & coach, teacher trainer, international student advisor, undergraduate professor in the humanities, tutor, and an elementary school teacher.

Kathy was born and raised in small town, USA and became fascinated by the foreign exchange students that spoke to her classes in elementary school. As a child, Kathy was fascinated by the foreign students’ accents, the images from their countries, and how they didn’t look like her. She vowed to become a foreign exchange student, too!  As a high school exchange student, Kathy traveled to The Netherlands, where her profound experiences served as an inspirational gateway to have later learned two more languages, resided in seven countries, and traveled to 41 countries with plans to visit at least 41 more countries.

Kathy has been recognized as one of the Top Language Coaches by Coach Foundation.

Language Coach of the Year


Kathy Ellis builds bridges by creating positive language and cultural experiences for her clients, which ultimately increases better understanding and more acceptance of others. We need more bridge builders in our world today!

The Statue of Libery with Ellis Island in the background. Kathy Ellis works with immigrants and helps people from all over the world.

Building cultural bridges is a collaborative effort. You, your company, and Kathy decide on the most effective bridges to build that will be unique to your purpose and desired outcome.

“I took amazing English classes with Kathy. She always prepared personalized classes and was focused on improving the language gaps. She is very flexible, dynamic, and always found different ways to improve my skills, such as presentations and how to more effectively work with American coworkers for an international corporation in Atlanta. Throughout the one year of classes, Kathy provided ongoing learning through fun and challenging ways. This interaction greatly helped me strengthen my learning. Kathy is an admirable person. In addition to her English teaching skills, she is an excellent coach and a highly competent professional.”

Luciene Sanfilippo, Human Resources Manager, Brazil